Accessories for Art since 1949

Choosing accessories for art

The artist’s accessories are the first layer of any work of art: the bones, the veins and the flesh on which the method, technique, style, form and finally the artwork itself is created.  The materials and tools used throughout the history of art have given recognition and identity to certain artists and their masterpieces, making them recognizable geographically, historically and as an artistic movement.

In contemporary art, accessories for art, as well as a wide range of objects, have even become part of the work itself: from Picasso’s papiers collés to Marcel Duchamp’s objects, and Fontana’s cut canvases.  The choice of tools and materials are part of the artistic process, meaning that the artwork and the ideas behind them are influenced by this choice.

But what are the best colours for painting? Which ones are best suited to an idea or skill? Which canvas to choose? Which brush to choose? How to find the right drawing accessories?

Evaluating alternatives and finding the right support is the indispensable prerequisite of art and the right stimulus for artists of all levels.


The artist’s workshop

The artist’s workshop has long been the place to learn and train, but also to find or make materials for painting.

Titian’s workshop was the birthplace of Tintoretto, but Titian himself was trained in Giorgione’s atelier. Giulio Romano, from a very young age, was a pupil of the great Raphael Sanzio.

The artist’s workshop is still today a much-talked-about, mythical place which, however, is not found in everyday life.  Opportunities of this kind have vanished over the centuries and for many, the local stationery is the simplest and quickest answer.  But still today, at home, at school or on the streets, the artist has the same needs as in the past.




The Milan Art Shop

There is a place, which is often mistakenly called a stationery or paint shop, that still lives on the passion for art and the purest ideal of the artist.  Just step into the narrow streets of Milan’s Brera district to find Pellegrini Brera Fine Art Shop.  A place where art means sharing, where you can trust and confide.  Real art enthusiasts work at Pellegrini Brera, trained to give life to ideas, who know what each individual artist needs, whether novice or expert, amateur or professional.

This Milan art shop has been located a few steps from the Pinacoteca di Brera and the Academy of Fine Arts since 1949, and this proximity has allowed us to gain rare experience in the art world and offer a simply unique assortment.