An artist’s paradise,
a stone’s throw from Brera

Professional products for fine art

Just turn your back on the Pinacoteca di Brera and walk a few steps to reach Pellegrini Milan fine art paint shop.

Watercolours, markers, oil colours, easels, watercolour paper, drawing & sketching paper, paper for printing, acrylic colours, brushes, stretchers, canvases, inks for engraving and coloured pencils.  Pellegrini Brera is an artist’s paradise, meeting the needs of all enthusiasts.

Long ago, all artists produced the material they needed to create art for themselves, starting from precious raw materials, such as lapis lazuli and ivory, or “humble” materials like bones or coal, mixed with oils and thinners.

Industrialisation changed the accessories for art: in the second half of the nineteenth century, artists started carrying colours in tubes, just as today brushes made of animal hair have been replaced by synthetic hair.

But how and where to find the right tools? How to choose them? Which drawing or painting accessories are best suited to a certain technique or the final result you have in mind?



High-quality products and service that are artwork

Artists can find everything they need at Pellegrini Brera fine art paint shop in Milan.  Between the shop walls, the work of art is managing our customers, who are guided towards choosing the best tools among the professional products for fine art.  The largest assortment of watercolours, markers and oil colours in Milan means that it is a sheer pleasure to be spoilt for choice.

Mabef easels are the best you can find on the international market, while stretcher bars and canvases can be commissioned and made-to-order.

Italian and foreign brands are joined by a line of products branded Pellegrini Brera, thus offering a variety so wide that the choice becomes personal and is not restricted by availability in the shop.  An in-depth knowledge of the market and products allows our staff to become genuine expert advisers who understand artists whether professionals or hobbyists, guiding them to the best solutions for their needs.



Pellegrini, a point of reference for art

Every artist will find a point of reference for every need at Pellegrini Brera Fine Art Shop.  Our advisers’ expertise and extensive experience have allowed us to forge strong links with leading manufacturers and retailers of accessories for art.  So, if we don’t have what you need in the shop, we can direct you to our trusted partners, confident that we can help you meet your needs, and certain that you will appreciate this service.

In addition to art products, you will find fir wood stretcher bars made entirely to order by our carpenter, including P.E.R. or Claessens canvases, untreated or treated for different painting techniques using traditional Belgian Flanders linen coated with chalk primer and glue based on rabbit skins or oil.  You can choose to buy just the stretcher, the stretcher including the canvas, or you can provide us with your canvas, already painted, and we will arrange to have it mounted.

You choose the type of canvas and the size of the stretcher and our staff will immediately provide you with a quote: your canvas will be perfectly stretched and fixed to the frame in a few days.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, ask our staff.  We will handle your request with care and attention, without compromises.



Find everything you need here

Are you a student of art, fashion or design and looking for the best tools to express your creativity? Whether you are looking for a particular accessory or you need someone to guide you through the wide range available, Pellegrini Brera Fine Art Shop is at your side, at your service to help your ideas flourish.  We have been doing this since 1949, always close to those who, like you, live, dream and feed on art.